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OM Movianto and Miebach on Challenges of the Last Mile

05/28/2017 | GOOD2KNOW

17th Congress of the Health Sector, held on the 9th May 2017 in Madrid, is the annual meeting where the professionals of the healthcare industry, distribution and hospitals can listen to the latest projects and legislative developments and outlined strategies to successfully address the short, medium and long term future of the Health Sector.

Oscar Perez, European Business Development Director from OM Movianto and Jorge Motjé, CEO of Miebach Group Consulting were able to be part of this event hosted by AECOC, and collaborated on discussing the Last Mile challenges we as supply chain providers and the healthcare sector face.

Logistics 4.0. And the challenge of the last mile in the health sector

“Science Fiction” or a “Reality” within reach of our business? We are in a new environment where all links in the chain must be integrated in a collaborative way gaining in competitiveness, agility and quality in order to meet the real demand of the final client. Faced with a world that does not stop, it is critical not to miss this train.

AECOC presentation title

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We are all faced with the new and ever-changing environment in the healthcare industry, from changes in legislation to technological advances, but what impacts does this have on the supply chain and how can we work together to ensure that we do not fall behind. With discussing the new distribution models like direct to patient and its benefits, Oscar and Jorge begin to answer these questions;

  • Evolution and change in the health industry
  • Complexity in the Supply Chain
  • Direct to Patient model
  • At Movianto we are making deliveries to homes & patients in 8 countries

For any further information on the presentation, or for information on OM Movianto’s European Supply Chain, please do contact Oscar Perez at Oscar.Perez@movianto.com.




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For further information on the event please visit http://eventos.aecoc.es/eventos/sectorsalud/



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