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New Era of Digitalisation at Movianto Denmark

11/19/2018 | GOOD2KNOW

Article by: Sylwia Car, EMEA Operations Excellence Manager, Pfizer

When Pfizer’s Denmark Global Supply Chain (GSC) and Supply Chain Market & Market Quality Operations (SCMQO) teams, supported by EMEA OE Manager Sylwia Car, kicked off the Lean project with local Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Movianto to reduce goods receiving time, they didn’t expect how innovative Movianto would become…

The Project team focused primarily on internal goods receiving process and communication between Movianto and Pfizer during this process. Throughout the project numerous delays and non-value added steps were identified.

During the goods receiving process Movianto was using 3 different (for each Business Unit) manual and paper based, Pfizer dedicated check lists. Each required hand-written entries of Goods-In Clerk and were handled between three different departments: Goods-In, Quality and Customer Services that lead to longer lead times.
Manual entries, multiple templates and multi handing were leading to human errors, delays in processing goods and communicating all issues with Pfizer.
Based on these risk factors, Movianto decided to eliminate all identified issues by going…. DIGITAL!

They created bespoke InVIEW, a digital check list which provides a view of the warehouse; the foundation of improved business process and so much more!!!

One of the main features of InVIEW is a possibility to communicate any delivery issues immediately using the email function which allows Pfizer to support Movianto in resolving the items in timely manner, ensuring smooth goods receiving and product availability to the customers.

The designed tool eliminated the risk of human errors or delays in sharing information with Pfizer, and created a paperless process reducing the environmental impact by saving Movianto 35kg which equals to 8 trees!

Project at Movianto was led by Teun Coolen from Movianto, The Netherlands (second on the left)
Project Movianto Team: Mads Skovvang, Camilla Jensen, Reza Shah Sharifi, Brian Friis, Lis Malling, Peter Schmidt, Teddy Overgaard
Pfizer: Thomas Olesen (GSC), Joergen Hansen (GSC), Marianne Malmstedt (SCMQO) – not on the picture, Stina Gravesen (SCMQO).



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