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OM Movianto NL Announces it has achieved the Status of EU Regulated Agent

08/09/2016 | PRESS

Oss, the Netherlands – 08/09/2016 – OM Movianto Nederland B.V., an Owens & Minor Company, announced today that it has achieved the status of Regulated Agent for the European Union (EU) with respect to air cargo shipments. This official security distinction ensures that OM Movianto NL is an approved agent that facilitates trade by avoiding controls and delays at the airport. Physical screenings of goods and products for security purposes may only be carried out by a regulated agent. This distinction positively affects the speed and efficiency of transatlantic air cargo operations, which benefits shippers and customers alike. This “secure supply chain” distinction saves time and money for OM Movianto’s customers and is a key service offering of our Pan European network.

Regulated Agents are agents, freight forwarders, or any other entity that handles cargo and ensures security controls for cargo and mail. Air carriers that fly cargo or mail from a non-EU airport to an EU airport must ensure that all cargo and mail carried to the EU is physically screened or comes from a secure supply chain, which is validated according to the EU regulations. Achieving this distinction enables OM Movianto to provide a value-added service for healthcare companies across Europe.

Working over several months, OM Movianto NL, made the necessary changes and adaptations to secure the important designation. The team trained and certified a large group of teammates as “airfreight” employees, which gives them the authority to handle outgoing airfreight shipments.  Additionally, a smaller group of teammates were trained as “airfreight controllers,” which enables them to check and repack outgoing airfreight shipments. Certain changes were made to the warehouse to create a segregated, caged safety area for storage of the outbound airfreight shipments prior to transport.

In May the OM Movianto facilities in Oss received a positive audit by the Dutch Royal Military Police, and OM Movianto NL officially obtained the status of Regulated Agent, which will be visible in the EU data base.  “With this distinction, OM Movianto NL can send goods on a “safe” status, which means that products do not have to be screened up front anymore, thus saving cost and time to market,” said Marcella van Eijsden, Key Account Manager, for OM Movianto NL. “This is a significant benefit to our customers.”

For more information about the process click here: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/security/cargo-mail/entities_en.htm


Marcella van Eijsden | Key Account Manager, OM-Movianto Nederland B.V., an Owens & Minor Company
t +31 (0)412 406 449 or marcella.vaneijsden@movianto.com


Truitt Allcott | Director, Investor & Media Relations Owens & Minor
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