O&M Movianto Helthcare dedicated solutions


Many years of success in providing local, regional and Europe-wide services & solutions have made us a truly pan-European provider of logistics in healthcare products and supplies for clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device and biotech industries.

By enhancing our accessibility and through centralisation, we are expanding our already extensive European capabilities, as well as improving our client service across Europe. O&M Movianto is first choice for healthcare companies requiring logistical solutions with true consistency in quality.

Services available in:




Your career in Belgium →

O&M Movianto Belgium is the market leader in specialised cool chain logistics and distribution for the healthcare industry. In Belgium, Q&M Movianto ensures the the uninterrupted storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products in its temperature controlled warehouse in Aalst as well as with its Benelux fleet of over 100 temperature-controlled vans and trucks.

The delivery in these validated vehicles is undertaken to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories and wholesalers, on a daily basis.

O&M Movianto Belgium’s own BENELUX validated fleet of multi-temperature vehicles (-29°C to +30°C), also covers back-up temperature systems for the highest product safety. the multilingual drivers deliver the products under the right conditions, at the right time, to the right place. Transparency and documentation is guaranteed as tracking of the products, especially its temperature and location, is possible in real time.

O&M Movianto Belgium is a centre of excellence in handling (n-)IMP and materials for Clinical Trials, Medical Need and Compassionate Use Programs. Activities are licensed and carried out in line with GxP.

O&M Movianto Belgium is also certified for ISO14001 (Environmental Quality Management).

Movianto Belgium NV., an Owens & Minor Company
Waterkeringstraat 1
9320 Erembodegem
Tel +32 (0)53 85 90 00

O&M Movianto Belgium NV
Warehouse Area (m²) 30,000
Total Number of pallet spaces 20,380
Number of ambient pallet spaces 14,300
Number of cold pallet spaces 2,750
Number of frozen pallet spaces 30
Number of CD pallet storage 300

ESF Vlaanderen 2014-2020 Oproep 445 “Werkbaar Werk – Duurzaam Loopbaanbeleid”, projectvoorstel 8499 “Focus op duurzame verbondenheid”

Het algemene doel van ons ESF-project is focus op duurzame verbondenheid. Verbondenheid is het belangrijkste ingrediënt van retentie en goede teamwerking. Medewerkers die zich verbonden voelen zitten beter in hun ‘vel’ en zijn gemotiveerder waardoor op een spontane wijze het ziekteverzuim kan dalen en de uitstroom kan afnemen. Verbondenheid leidt er ook toe dat medewerkers bereid zijn om hun loopbaan uit te bouwen binnen Movianto waarbij het onze taak is om hen hierin te ondersteunen via een goed uitgewerkt evaluatie- en loopbaanbeleid.

Het effect van verbondenheid moet een aanvang nemen vanaf de eerste tewerkstellingsdag en moet doorgetrokken worden in de verdere samenwerking. We zien een verbindende en centrale rol voor onze leidinggevenden die aan de hand van een empowering leadership leiders moeten worden die de verbondenheid continu bewaken in al zijn facetten.

Dit project zullen we met de steun van het Europees Sociaal Fonds op een duurzame wijze vorm kunnen geven.


Your career in the Czech Republic →

The principal place of business of Movianto Czech Republic is located near Brno, about two hours from Prague and close to both Vienna and Bratislava. This excellent location puts Movianto Czech Republic in an ideal position to offer a variety of distribution services, including extensive packaging and labelling capacities for the healthcare industry. The operating range of O&M Movianto CEE covers several Central and Eastern European countries: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

The state-of-the-art warehouse, built in 2006 and extended in 2008 and 2014, is fully dedicated to healthcare distribution. It encompasses 16,600 pallet places and offers storage of ambient, cold chain and narcotic products.

With the opening of the 2,800 m² warehouse in Prague in 2017, Movianto Czech Republic has expanded its capacity by over 4000 pallet spaces, including a number of pallet spaces dedicated to the storage of narcotics products.

Movianto Česká republika s.r.o.
Podolí 78e
66403 Podolí
Czech Republic
Tel +420 548 134 400
Prologis Park Prague Airport, Building DC5
Průmyslová 486
252 16 Jeneč
Czech Republic
Tel +420 222 264 311
Company No: 63479010, Entered in the companies register at the regional court in Brno, section C, file no. 62272.
Movianto Česká Republika s.r.o., („Company“) is a member of the Owens & Minor corporate group, in which Owens & Minor Inc., with its registered office at 9120 Lockwood Boulevard, Mechanicsville, VA 23116, USA, is the controlling party (i.e. the party controlling the Company).
O&M Movianto Česká republika s.r.o.
Warehouse Area (m²) 12,100
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 19,180
Number of cold pallet spaces 1220
Number of CD pallet storage 216


Your career in Denmark →

O&M Movianto Nordic offers one central Nordic hub strategically located in greater Copenhagen area with more than 20 years of experience in the Nordic and Baltic region.

The new modern Nordic distribution centre built in 2011 has a total capacity of 19,000 m² and over 25,000 pallet spaces and offers specialized solutions for both ambient, chilled and controlled drug products.

O&M Movianto Nordic provides a wide range of services to healthcare manufacturers such as storage, pick & pack, invoicing and inventory management. The advanced IT system keeps clients informed of every step along the complex supply chain.

O&M Movianto is solely dedicated to the healthcare industry and offers flexible and attractive distribution models for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic region with only one single point of contact. Furthermore, it enables clients to benefit from customised solutions to deliver your products to customers safely and on time, while meeting special requirements of the specific markets.

Movianto Nordic
Ventrupvej 27
2670 Greve
Tel +45 43 30 02 00
Medicine Emergency Number +45 2295 2313.
Between 16:00 – 08:00 only.


O&M Movianto Nordic



Warehouse Area (m²) 19,000  
Total Number of pallet spaces 25,000  
Number of cold pallet spaces 1,050  
Number of CD pallet storage 500  


Your career in France →

O&M Movianto France operates with Radio Frequency (RF) technology for stock management, batch traceability and picking activities, ensuring that the systems and stock are synchronised at all times.

Three sites serve France, the first located in Gonesse, only 15 km away from Charles de Gaulle airport, together with warehouses in Saint-Cyr-en-Val and Orleans. O&M Movianto France offers a capacity for 55,000 pallets.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of especially streamlined warehousing and transportation services, cold chain logistics and specialist services such as repackaging, relabeling and clinical trials management, as well as various export services.

Movianto France SAS
4, avenue du 21è siècle
ZAC des Tulipes Sud, BP 40115
95505 Gonesse Cedex
Tel +33 (0)134 07 75 00

Movianto France SAS
472 rue du Rond d’Eau
45590 Saint Cyr en Val
Tel : +33 (0)2 38 51 72 10

O&M Movianto France SAS
Warehouse Area (m²) 58,000
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 55,000
Number of cold pallet spaces 900
Number of CD pallet storage 1,220


Your career in Germany →

O&M Movianto in Germany operates three certified warehouses located in Neunkirchen/Saarland, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg/Hesse and Kist/Bavaria. Over the last few years we have continuously expanded our capacities, and in September 2019, we opened a state-of-the-art Distribution Centre in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, close to Frankfurt Airport, as a direct response to our clients’ needs. Today, these sites provide a total storage space for over 82,000 pallets.

As all our warehouses are located near the Frankfurt airport, they provide an excellent location, enabling us to act as a European and worldwide Distribution Centre for our clients from the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics and medical device industries. Due to the regional network, Austria can be supplied across national boundaries through our network.

The highly specialised O&M Movianto team provides innovative logistics and distribution services along the entire supply chain, including extensive repackaging and relabeling services, dangerous goods management, postponement, and clinical trials management.

Movianto Deutschland GmbH
In der Vogelsbach 1
66540 Neunkirchen/Saarland
Tel +49 (0)6821 5016 0

Movianto Deutschland GmbH
In der Kammerwiese 3
65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Tel +49 (0)6134 5678 0

Movianto Deutschland GmbH
Ringstraße 14
97270 Kist/Würzburg
Tel +49 (0)9306 904 0

O&M Movianto Deutschland GmbH    
Warehouse Area (m²) 59,000  
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 74,000  
Number of cold pallet spaces 8,200  
Number of CD pallet storage 700  


Your career in the Netherlands →

O&M Movianto Netherlands is located in Oss. Its state-of-the-art warehouse, which is designed to perfectly suit as a European Distribution Centre, fully complies with the quality requirements for healthcare logistics and distribution and offers a facility with deep-frozen pallet spaces (up to -40°C). The warehouse has a storage capacity for 22,000 pallets O&M Netherlands is in an ideal position to deliver specialised solutions with a clear focus on client requirements and product groups, from customer service to the management and handling of samples, promotional material, and clinical trials.

O&M Movianto Netherlands has the capacity to deliver to every hospital, pharmaceutical wholesaler, laboratory doctor and pharmacy with a BENELUX validated fleet of multi-temperature vehicles. Along with the O&M Movianto business in Belgium, the message to clients in the Benelux is clear: Movianto provides individual logistics and distribution solutions in close proximity to its clients’ customers – now and in the future.

O&M-Movianto Nederland BV
Keltenweg 70
5342 LP Oss
Tel +31 (0)412 40 64 20
O&M Movianto Nederland BV    
Warehouse Area (m²) 21,000  
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 15,500  
Number of cold pallet spaces 4,700  
Number of frozen pallet spaces (-20°C) 750  
Number of deep frozen pallet spaces (-40°C) 400  


Your career in Northern Ireland →

Movianto Northern Ireland has two separate warehouses, located in Belfast, which are MHRA approved. Both warehouses are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety.

Our Northern Ireland service offering includes a full order to cash service, our award winning voice activated warehouse management system, specialised real time temperature controlled storage and distribution (ambient and cold chain), and full delivery track and trace of orders with electronic proof of delivery.

Movianto Northern Ireland can offer twice daily deliveries to all local hospital trusts. A once daily service is offered to Retail Pharmacies, GP practices, Nursing Homes and wholesalers. Movianto Northern Ireland also delivers direct to patients homes on behalf of numerous clients.

Additional services to clients also include sales promotions, fully equipped meeting rooms, sales information and literature distribution.

Movianto Northern Ireland
Sandyknowes Business Park
605 Antrim Rd
Newtownabbey, Antrim
BT36 4RY
Northern Ireland
Tel +44 (0)28 90 795799
Movianto Northern Ireland    
Warehouse Area (m²) 3,573  
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 2,700  
Number of cold pallet spaces 300  


Owens & Minor Global Business Services

Owens & Minor Global Business Services is located in Dublin, Ireland. A number of the Movianto functions that support our European business are located here including, Finance Operations, Group Accounting, Legal, Human Resources and Information Technology.

Our Dublin office is also home to the Owens & Minor Global Services team who are dedicated to the sourcing of medical device and patient care products..

OM Halyard Pricing & Tender teammates along with the Commercial team who oversee the sales of OM Halyard Surgical & Infection Prevention products and Customised Procedural Trays (CPTs) across Ireland and Europe also reside in the Dublin office.

Owens & Minor Ireland uc
1st Floor, Block 10-4
Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Dublin Dublin D15 KD2W


Your career in Slovakia →

Movianto Slovakia is situated close to Bratislava and operates under the management of Movianto Czech Republic (O&M Movianto CEE.). The warehouse offers storage capacity of over 9,000 spaces for ambient, cold chain and narcotic products.

Movianto Slovensko s.r.o.
ProLogis Park Bratislava, Building DC6
Dialničná cesta 4431/14a
903 01 Senec
Tel +421 232 334 211

Company No: 36868132, Entered in the companies register of the district court Bratislava I, section sro, file no. 64978/B, Tax ID No.: 2023035850, VAT No.: SK 2023035850

Movianto Slovensko s.r.o. is holder of an authorisation for wholesale distribution of medicinal products for human use supervised by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, Limbová 2, P.O. BOX 52, 837 52 Bratislava 37, Slovak Republic, and the State Institute for Drug Control, Kvetná 11, 825 08 Bratislava 26, Slovak Republic.

O&M Movianto Slovensko s.r.o.
Warehouse Area (m²) 5,200
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 9,200
Number of cold pallet spaces 420
Number of CD pallet storage 112


Your career in Spain →

O&M Movianto in Spain operates three warehouses, two located in Madrid and one in Barcelona, which is used as a depot with dedicated transport services.

O&M Movianto’s warehouses are built according to the latest state-of-the-art specifications, are fully certified and are equipped with all security and temperature-control systems that comply with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

With a total storage capacity of more than 37,000 pallets and its extensive distribution network, O&M Movianto Spain serves clients’ needs in the entire Iberian region. We offer a 24-hour delivery service to Spain and Portugal supported by an IT system, which has been validated according to GAMP.

Movianto España S.L.U.
C/ Helena Rubinstein, 4
Pol. Ind. El Lomo
28906 Getafe/Madrid
Tel +34 91 875 35 04

Movianto España S.L.U.
C/ Verdiales, nave 8
Pol. Ind. Las Canteras
28340 Valdemoro/Madrid
Tel +34 91 875 35 04

Movianto España S.L.U.
Parque Industrial Viladecans
Avde de la Ciencia, 31
08840 Viladecans/Barcelona
Tel +34 91 875 35 04

O&M Movianto España S.L.U.
Warehouse Area (m²) 20,100
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 37,700
Number of cold pallet spaces 2,450
Number of CD pallet storage 1,850


Your career in Switzerland →

The warehouse in Neuenegg in the canton of Bern includes high rack storage with 4,000 pallet spaces, a cold storage warehouse for a further 100 pallets as well as a controlled drugs warehouse and a repackaging area.

Using existing synergies within geographical areas, the countries of Germany and Switzerland are managed as one operating unit within the Movianto Group.

Movianto Schweiz GmbH
Laupenstrasse 45
3176 Neuenegg
Tel +41 (0)31 744 14 00

O&M Movianto Schweiz GmbH



Warehouse Area (m²) 2,500  
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 4,000  
Number of cold pallet spaces 100  
Number of CD pallet storage 150  


Your career in the United Kingdom →

In the UK market O&M Movianto has three warehouse locations in Bedford, Belfast and Knowsley. The warehouses have facilities for temperature-controlled ambient and cold storage, controlled drugs and frozen storage. Movianto UK has an area for licensed rework according to GMP requirements. Movianto UK also delivers directly to patients’ homes on behalf of numerous clients.

Movianto Northern Ireland can offer deliveries twice daily to all local hospital trusts. A once daily service is offered to Retail Pharmacies, GP practices, Nursing Homes and wholesalers.

Additional services to clients also include sales promotions, fully equipped meeting rooms, sales information and literature distribution.

UK Commercial Team
0044 1234 248500

Customer Services
General Number +44 (0)1234 248500

For all Flu Vaccination Queries

Movianto UK Limited
1 Progress Park, Elstow Road, Bedford, MK42 9XE
United Kingdom

Steven Hutchinson
Head of Movianto NI
0044 2890 795799

Movianto Northern Ireland
Sandyknowes Business Park
605 Antrim Rd
Newtownabbey, Antrim
BT36 4RY

O&M Movianto UK
Warehouse Area (m²) 48,500
Total Number of ambient pallet spaces 60,000
Number of cold pallet spaces 4,800
Number of CD pallet storage 1,400