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Supported by a strong brand and driven by the know-how and expertise of our teammates, O&M Movianto offers its more than 600 international clients maximum flexibility, efficiency and uncompromising quality standards. We can only do that because of our 1,900 O&M Movianto teammates at 20 warehouses in 11 European countries.

Regardless of whether they are quality employees, engineers, key account managers, customer service, IT, drivers, or warehouse workers, their commitment and know-how are the cornerstone of our business success.

O&M Movianto is committed to providing equal opportunity and fair treatment to all teammates and applicants for employment. We will take appropriate action to ensure that teammates are hired, trained and promoted, and otherwise treated on the basis of individual merit. All employment decisions are to be made in such a way as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity.

If you are interested in linking your future career to the future of the healthcare solutions business in an international environment please send us your application by filling out the below text fields and uploading your resume.


select your country
Your fastest response: select your country and get direct contact to your responsible human resources manager. We are happy to hear from you!


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