Business Case

Customs Solutions for Theramex

The Problem

Theramex needed help importing their products into Europe from the UK and the rest of the world. The laboratory was having difficulty managing all the diverse flows from the UK into different parts of Europe, including France, Romania, and Ireland, all with heavy volumes and sensitive products with many requirements.  



The Theramex team were using a customs broker that did not always produce the required documentation on time, and the VAT that they were paying was substantial for each order. All previously considered options to change their supply chain model were very restrictive financially, and no potential partners that they approached could offer a better option. 

“I really value the work the Movianto customs team performs for Theramex.”

Alex Coker, Associate Director of International Logistics

Solutions proposed by Movianto’s Customs Team:

We listened

to their needs.

We took over

the import authorisation requests on behalf of the client thanks to our AEO status in France.

We studied

the entire supply chain from end-to-end to find the small improvements that could make a huge difference. This involved examining: choice of Incoterm, adapted transport solutions, insurance options, strategic storage site selection, choice of the customs office of passage, and choice of the customs office of clearance

We proposed

the application of suspensive customs regimes in order to meet their needs concerning VAT.

The Results

Theramex reworked and optimised their entire import strategy under advisement from the Movianto customs team. They were able to successfully import their products from the UK into France and then redistribute them to the various destination countries. 



Theramex also improved its cash flow significantly thanks to the choices made regarding strategic storage sites, insurance options, and structure of the importation scheme. Their new customs regime allows for a total exemption of the VAT on the imported products under certain conditions. 

“I really value the work the Movianto customs team performs for Theramex,” stated Alex Coker, Associate Director of International Logistics. “We have developed a very productive partnership with them, and I personally appreciate the high level of service they provide.”