employee repacking pharmaceuticals
Business Case

Movianto Germany Provides Re-Packaging Solution to Solve OOS Issue

The Client

Movianto Germany was working with a global, leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has brought transformative products to patients for decades. The products ranged from standard to high-value-low-volume products – mainly for intestinal health. Movianto had already been providing warehousing, distribution and value-added services to this company, mainly distributing to wholesalers and specialist clinics.

The Problem

The customer’s production facilities were unable to deliver the planned volumes required by the market due to the coronavirus’s effect on supply chains in 2020. As a result, several of the client’s products were unavailable or out of stock for an unpredictable period of time, which meant that many of the necessary examinations at specialist clinics could not take place and patient’s care was delayed.

The Solutions

The challenge posed to Movianto was: how can availability be guaranteed in the short term with the existing portfolio? Our response:

Ensure availability

for patient safety by splitting existing pack sizes.

Short-term procurement

of equipment for re-packaging of existing pack sizes.

Set up

of the work area and training of the staff for the new process.

Data-based forecast

to ensure availability until the manufacturing plants had replenished their stocks was agreed in close consultation with the customer.

The Results

These solutions minimised out of stock issues and preserved the reputation of the manufacturing company during a stressful time.