Case Study

Movianto UK Transforms Rothband's Delivery Operations

After being frustrated with their previous delivery partner, and having spoken to many mainstream carriers, Rothband decided to partner with Movianto.

At a glance:

Going from receiving poor customer service and delivery performance to experiencing Movianto’s determination to provide seamless service, has transformed Rothband’s customer satisfaction and delivery operations.

Who is Rothband?

Rothband are a Medical Imaging Accessories manufacturer and retailer. Specialising in anything that requires radiation protection, such as lead aprons and gowns.

All items produced are made-to-order, with sales reps across the country to go and measure for clients. Due to the bespoke nature of their work, orders usually take between 3-12 weeks to manufacture and deliver.

Rothband’s customers go to them knowing their expertise will help customers do their jobs safely and effectively.


Rothband's Challenges

“We found ourselves completely frustrated with our previous delivery partner, after getting to the point of having parcels damaged or lost on a weekly basis.

“Orders would be returned dented and damaged, with no explanation other than insufficient packaging and no effort to resolve the issue.

“Lost parcels would lead to loss of money and dissatisfied customers, as manufacturing a replacement would take time and money. The delivery partner’s Customer Service team was difficult to get a hold of, and waiting for an investigation to be completed would time out the claim period meaning no financial compensation was ever given.

“Our customers were left inconvenienced trying do their day-to-day jobs, whether that was a surgical operation, opening up a new hospital wing or just routine scans. They could be waiting up to 12 weeks for their order, for it to then get damaged or lost and require a further wait for the replacement.”

Movianto's Solution

The Movianto UK Customer Service department is split into teams that look after a different set of clients. Which meant that any time Rothband got in contact with our Customer Service team, the person on the receiving end knew the organisation and was ready to help immediately.

“We decided to choose Movianto knowing that their expertise in healthcare logistics meant they are up for the task of transporting valuable and critical stock.”

Rothband representative

“We were so impressed with your customer service; any time we sent an email we would get a reply so quickly, or if we dropped a call we never had to wait too long for a call back. It was such a difference to having to wait on hold for 20 minutes the way we used to.”

Rothband representative

“It’s the small things like getting a call when three deliveries had been attempted for the customer and being asked what we want to do next, filling us with confidence that we always know where each parcel is.”

Rothband representative

The Outcomes for Rothband

“Silence from our customers means they’re receiving the service they expect – so it’s been a great thing that we hear from them less since partnering with Movianto!”

Increased Customer Satisfaction

No delivery related complaints since partnering with Movianto (four months at time of publication)

Lower Costs

Competitive pricing and no longer needing to produce replacements for lost or damaged orders.

Greater Confidence

Transparent and more frequent communications mean less wasted time and full certainty in what is happening.

Thank you to Alan Raven (Operations Manager) and Jane Walsh (Business Support Manager) for taking the time to speak to us. We look forward to continuing to support the great work Rothband do!