Sector Expertise

Controlled Drugs

Controlled drugs by their very nature require a higher level of care, security, and attention to detail than other products. Movianto has the experience, infrastructure, and the expertise to guarantee the safety of controlled drugs, in storage and in transport.

Highly secure storage of your controlled substances

Specialised inbound process

Every Movianto facility that has the capacity to store controlled drugs has a specialised inbound process to ensure that only authorised personnel handle the products upon inbound. Controlled substances are inbounded in a separate, secured area of the warehouse under strict protocols and CCTV surveillance. 

Controlled drugs stored at the highest levels of security

Qualified and specially licensed facilities within the Movianto network have a special cage or vault (depending on local regulation) that stores controlled drugs separately from the rest of the inventory. These controlled substances vaults/cages are built according to the strictest standards of safety regulations and maintained and updated over time.

Access to these vaults is highly restricted to a few qualified personnel.

There are strict security measures in place to ensure only these people can open and enter the cages, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance and alarm systems. These vaults can also include temperature regulation and cold storage if necessary.

Our facilities are regularly audited to ensure that our vaults and security protocols are up to date and comply with regulations of local authorities.

Transport and customs management of controlled substances 

The vehicles that transport controlled drugs to and from our facilities are qualified for this exact purpose, with GPS tracking when required, secured locks, alarms, and other means to ensure that the products are delivered safely to the correct place at the right time.  

Movianto is also experienced in managing all customs documents and licenses related to the importation and exportation of controlled substances. Our experts can advise you on the best ways to make sure your supply chain is secured. 

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