Customs & Trade Compliance

Pharmaceutical customs activity has become essential in an increasingly internationalised world. The healthcare and pharma industries have expanded internationally, and this environment tends to evolve more and more each year. The changes are being felt within the healthcare logistics sector and consequently must be anticipated. The strength of Movianto's customs teams lies in their ability to help you navigate this complex environment.

Team collaborating and sharing their expertise

Our Customs Expertise

With both local expertise (through our presence in several European countries) and global expertise (with a European customs community) our goal is to help you develop your international strategies while becoming as competitive as possible within various healthcare markets. 

To do this we rely on commitments such as trade compliance, transparency, rigor, expertise, seriousness and proactivity. In this way, we seek to optimize our clients’ flows by managing all stages of the supply chain. Movianto provides a turnkey offer integrating the management of healthcare transport, import, customs and export activities. 

We value reactivity above all, allowing us to submit customs declaration forms for you within 24 hours of request. 


The Difference it Makes

In order to mark our differentiation, we are equipped with the best tools (customs software) and the most advanced customs authorisations and certificates (AEO full). These tools are deployed in our different sites in order to make the harmonization of procedures as profitable as possible for you. 

A European customs team like you have never known before! 

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Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Status

We are a fully certified Authorised Economic Operator – an official partner with European customs authorities, giving you as our client access to special benefits: 

Less information to be transferred beforehand

Right of priority on urgent controls and flows

Fewer controls and inspections after the fact

A guarantee of understanding and compliance with local regulations (European or worldwide)


Market Access Healthcare in Europe

Given our status as an AEO, we can act as a point of access for internationally based clients to European healthcare markets. The Netherlands, France, and Belgium can act as this access point, depending on your needs. 

A point of access for internationally based clients to European healthcare markets.

Our Customs Consultants are at your disposal

We can advise you on all regulatory affairs concerning the import and export of pharmaceutical products, biotechnology, medical devices, and more. Our goal is to help you develop your optimal logistics plan. Our international customs consultants examine your entire international supply chain and determine how to optimise it in terms of complexity, documentation, and most importantly, finances. 

We can advise you on your choice of INCOTERMS, help you determine which customs documents you are missing, and even fill out these forms with you.