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Corporate Responsibility & Environment

Our core values at Movianto are integrity, quality, innovation, joy, and client centricity. Within our value of integrity, we include social, societal, ethic and environmental responsibility. These values are present at all levels of the company in all actions of all Movianto employees. They are consistent with our culture of humility and our commitment to delivering the best quality to our customers in an environmentally conscious manner.

Committed to ESG policy

CSR Initiatives

We have developed through the years a certain number of initiatives to structure our CSR strategy. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we also have chosen to join the UN Global Compact with the rest of the Walden Group to participate in a coordinated effort to align our strategy and operations with the UN principles related to human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. 

Read the Walden Group’s 2023 CSR Report here.

As a recognition of our commitment, we’ve submitted ourselves to evaluation from the independent sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis in each of our base countries, and we are proud to say that we have received a silver medal in all evaluated sites to date.  

Access our Ecovadis certificate


As an expert in healthcare distribution, we strive to provide the best service we can to our clients, by as an example, being ISO 9001 certified and continuously documenting and reviewing our quality of service thanks to our continuous improvement program.  

We also challenge our partners and suppliers on a daily basis to work in a more sustainable way and to encourage virtuous behaviour. We have committed to a sustainable purchase policy to encourage local business development and purchase goods and services based on fair and tangible criteria. 

It requires a high degree of personal integrity to act in accordance with the legal and ethical and moral framework. We expect all our employees to behave properly. The details of our Code of Conduct are set out in the Corporate Compliance brochure.  

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Social Responsibility

Our employees represent the key ingredient to the highest quality of service. We encourage people who share our values to join us, and we commit to helping them grow in our organisation. We have an HR policy based on personal development with leadership programs, training, diversity & inclusion policies, and internal mobility plans. 

We also know that as a company we can have a great impact on the communities that surround us, through job creation of course but also by participating and helping the people in our communities. This is why every year we participate in our group program Walden Cares; our employees propose and choose local charities and organisations and support them through different actions (fundraising, event organisation, logistics support…). The first edition of the program took place in 2021 and focused on organisations related to supporting children.  

We encourage each teammate to be proactive in our communities and to create a positive impact on the people around them.  


As part of society, we accept our social responsibilities and are committed to contributing to the common good and preserving our precious environment. For us, business and sustainability are not opposite concepts. Integrating them as much as possible is therefore a core element of our corporate philosophy.  

As a supply chain services provider, we are conscious that our activity generates CO2 locally and at the global level and take responsibility for it. Our business in maintaining the healthcare supply chain remains essential to human health, and we are working continuously towards the improving the sustainability of our activity and the sector at large.  

Some of the ways we are working to act more sustainably include transport plan optimisation, education of our employees, carbon footprint calculation, implementing a carbon reduction plan, and investment in green vehicles. 

We also know that it has become one of our clients’ most important requests, and we work hand in hand with them to develop a more sustainable supply chain.  

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As a testament of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we obtained ISO 14001 certification in the following countries:

United Kingdom