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Movianto’s History as Market Leader

Movianto France has been the leading healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain sector specialist for decades. Its story begins with the founding of the “Centre Specialités Pharmaceutiques or CSP in 1951 by Marcel Baudry, a pharmacist with a vision to serve the specific logistics needs of the healthcare sector.

He recognised that the storage and handling of specialised medical products requires specialised solutions. In 1989, a pharmaceutical wholesaler called DGX Pharma (later rebranded Movianto in 2006) was founded in France, offering similarly specialised healthcare logistics services. In 2020, EHDH (holding group of CSP) bought the Movianto Group, in the process creating the Walden Group. In 2022, CSP and Movianto France officially merged, combining their resources, expertise, and know how to offer their clients the best possible national service.  


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Driven by our customers' needs, we are constantly revamping our services

For decades, the expert position of Movianto in France has been reinforced year after year thanks to huge investments in capacity, technology, and human resources, which remain the foundation of the company’s development. As a leading provider of healthcare logistics services in France, we at Movianto have always strived to invest in high-quality services, while constantly introducing innovations in the areas of warehousing, transportation and IT to best ensure the safety and full traceability of your healthcare products. 

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Specialised services for specialised healthcare products

Movianto in France is an importer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and carries out import, export and Market Authorization (MA) management through its special pharmaceutical license “Exploitant d’AMM” or Market Authorisation Operator, allowing the company to act on behalf of international clients to distribute on French territory. Under this status, Movianto France (under the legal name of CSP) holds key responsibilities regarding auditing of foreign production plants, European market product release, MA management and meeting local healthcare authorities’ requirements.  

To provide these services, Movianto France has its own in-house analysis laboratory for better efficiency and quicker access to the market. 


High standards demand a high level of service:

We provide different haulage solutions to best meet your requirements. Involvement of Movianto in compliance with Manufacturing and Distribution Best Practices has not only enabled us to obtain highly demanding certification such as ISO 9001, but also recognition by the customs authorities by granting certification of the bonded warehouse, as well as approval of a known consignor and, more recently, the Authorized Economic Operator Approval (AEO). 

Movianto France supports Healthcare industries capable of delivering services to hospitals, pharmacies, Doctors, pharmaceutical wholesalers, patients, multiconnected to different orders sources ( places, pharmaceutical companies, sales representatives). 

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Featured Services

Is your company ready to reach new healthcare markets and new patients? Ready to sell your pharma products in Europe or in specific European countries?

Pharmaceutical customs activity has become essential in an increasingly internationalised world. The healthcare and pharma industries have expanded internationally, and this environment tends to evolve more and more each year.

We offer you repacking, labelling, packaging, leaflet printing, kitting, serialisation, and other rework services in addition to our standard healthcare logistics package.

In France we represent our clients in hospital tenders

We can take over your invoicing and related administrative processes, allowing you to focus on your core business

Choose your temperature-controlled pharmaceutical storage in 11 European countries to store your sensitive goods.

 Centre Spécialités Pharamaceutiques (the legal entity of Movianto France) guarantees their customers top quality service recognised by professional certifying bodies: 

Depository, Manufacturer, Importer,  central purchasing establishment operator 

Respect of Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) 

International Quality Standard ISO 9 001 

Environnement Management ISO 14 001  

Occupational health and safety management systems ISO 45 001 

Certification :  “Medical Sales Representative Qualification” 

CSP International : Accreditations :  known consigner, bonded customs warehouses, authorised economic operator (AEO) 

Organic certification from ECOCERT *  


Meet the Team

Nicolas Richer

Nicolas Richer

President Movianto France

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Nicolas Campion

Commercial Director France

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