Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Transport Solutions

As a dedicated healthcare specialist in contract logistics, Movianto offers you an end-to-end transportation solution with full visibility of your products, so you can maintain full control while saving costs through consolidation of shipments.  

Designing your Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics Plan

We take a collaborative approach to designing our solutions. As part of our onboarding process, we meet to define your optimal logistics plan together. Taking a holistic view of your facilities, material, and product flows, we deliver distribution solutions that meet your current and future requirements.  You benefit from our experience in strategic pharmaceutical transportation. 

With the right mix of multimodal transportation options (road, sea, and air), we can streamline your healthcare supply chain while giving you full control and visibility of your products from the point of manufacture to the end customer.  

Staff using the forklift to load pallets in the truck

Optimising your Pharma Supply Costs

By working with us, you optimise both your pharmaceutical transport plan and your finances. We have strong working relationships with multiple transportation companies and by bundling all shipments through us, you benefit from our strong purchasing advantages. You also benefit from a single point of contact who can answer all your transport-related questions and provide you with information about your shipment, thereby reducing your administrative costs. 

Driver in lorry ready for delivery

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management

We define the cold chain as more than just temperature maintenance during transport. For us, the pharmaceutical cold chain means an uninterrupted monitoring and quality assurance process, from first to last mile, including all stages in between. 

All our pharmaceutical transport solutions are flexible, multimodal and product-adapted, with rigorous temperature monitoring. We work with trusted and qualified transport partners who provide temperature curve reporting data. We collect this data as part of our quality system and can of course provide it to you on request. Maintaining the cold chain is vitally important to protect your products, and Movianto offers multiple types of temperature control, from active to passive solutions. 

Our Healthcare & Pharma Transport Solution

A key part of your pharma distribution strategy must include a transport plan that is both logistically and financially efficient, from the first to the last mile. When it comes to first mile high volume shipments such as APIs, the production landscape is constantly shifting, especially when products need to be shipped internationally. Working with us, we ensure your first mile and international shipment plans are optimised for your needs and adapt them to the market as it evolves. With Movianto, you gain access to a global transportation network with more than 180 receiving countries. We work with trusted pharma freight forwarding partners, including our sister company Transpharma International, all of whom are experts in cross-border shipping and meet pharmaceutical GDP standards. We also have in-house customs experts who can ensure your goods are in compliance with international pharma customs law. Learn more about our customs solutions below:

Delivery of finished products is the final step in your supply chain. But there are many factors that go into last mile pharma distribution: different types of end customer, temperature requirements, differing volumes, etc. At Movianto, we are experts in delivering to all healthcare consignees: doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, health centres, and even direct to patient in certain cases. We work with a range of expert healthcare carriers, including our sister company Eurotranspharma, all of whom provide us with extensive temperature reporting data and meet high security and quality standards, to ensure your products are always safe and end up in the right place.

Sometimes, in the world of healthcare, there are real emergencies. At Movianto, your emergency is ours. To ensure your goods are where they are needed, we have a 24/7 emergency transport solution available to you. We rely on trusted and qualified last mile healthcare transport partners who are adaptable in a crisis. We also are capable of international dedicated express transport, should you need.