Supply chain consulting

Supply Chain Consulting

At Movianto, in addition to providing dedicated healthcare logistics services, we support our clients in the design of their distribution model and entire supply chain.

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The pharmaceutical supply chain is a very demanding and technical eco-system: 

Temperature sensitive 

Time sensitive 

Regulated sector at local and global level 

International from first mile to last mile 

Customs management 


Bespoke supply chain consulting

We consider that going bespoke is the only long-term solution in the global healthcare sector. There is incredible diversity in the world of pharmaceuticals and medical products, and there needs to be an equally diverse range of logistics solutions to match.  

Our supply chain consultation service is based on well-tested and proven processes and a deep knowledge of operations, supported by a documentation system that allows for the combination of multiple services in different ways to build scalable solutions. 

Our supply chain consultation team offer a personalised service

Building a comprehensive healthcare supply chain

Our consultancy methodology takes all aspects of your distribution into account: 

Risk assessment 


Temperature regulation 

Healthcare network only 

End-to-end cold chain continuity 

Track and trace  


IT infrastructure 

Customs optimisation 

Cost efficiency 

Back up strategies 


TAPA compliance 

Our Mission: Meet your needs, now and in the future

We start by listening. Our mission is to develop a meaningful partnership with you based on hearing your needs, understanding your specific logistics challenges, and developing the right tailor-made solution together, down to the minute details. Because we take pride in our approach and our flexibility, we know that our logistics solutions will meet your needs. 

We have met the needs of clients from all around the world from the largest pharmaceutical companies to the smallest laboratories, for local needs or international ones. Each time, we listen, we develop the right logistics solutions for your requirements, and we adapt every time it is necessary. 

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Multiple solutions possible thanks to solid resources

When we design your supply chain model, we rely on a series of resources we have developed over decades to make sure the process goes smoothly.  

Customer centric organisation

Not only do we centre the needs of our clients when developing tailor-made supply chain solutions, but our concern for our clients continues beyond the project implementation phase. We provide dedicated customer service and adapt to your changing requirements daily. Reactivity to our clients is a top priority.

IT ownership

We work in collaboration with our in-house team of developers to ensure we always provide validated, secured healthcare software solutions, with open connections to your systems.

Wide network

We operate throughout Europe, giving you streamlined access to domestic, multi-country, or pan-European healthcare distribution solutions, including both logistics and transport. Depending on your needs and requirements, we also work with a range of expert pluri-disciplinary partners across the globe.

Strong client project management process

For your international projects, we assign a pan-European project management team of experts to work with you from project conception to implementation. And after implementation, we continue to work with you to continuously improve our processes and address your changing needs as your business grows.

Agile methodology

We know your problems are urgent and require reactivity. Movianto teams prioritise a short decision process for clients, with heavy involvement of the managing team to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Strong database

As part of the Walden Group, Movianto has access to a large knowledge database of over 600 pharma clients' experiences in order to compare, contrast, and produce the best solutions for you.


Movianto’s team of experts closely monitor the market, the competition, the guidelines and regulations of various European authorities, and the news in order to stay ahead of the curve. We take every event as an opportunity to innovate and expand our expertise.