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Order to Cash

Movianto can do more for you besides pharmaceutical logistics and warehousing; we are a full-service 4PL provider with flexible order-to-cash service offerings, helping you reduce costs and increase efficiency and transparency to your clients. We can take over your invoicing and related administrative processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Financial optimisation through order to cash solutions

Movianto’s full order to cash services are designed with your individual needs as a healthcare manufacturer in mind. A standard part of the service is invoice management; we create invoices on your behalf and send them to your clients. The service may also include active cash collection, a follow-up on late payments through an active reminder process, and daily reporting on the payment process, depending on your needs and on the region. We can also handle debt collection in certain cases. 


Our Digital Approach

The order to cash process is integrated into Movianto’s IT solution, offering the flexibility that you require from your logistics partner. You can access all your pharma supply chain information at Movianto in two ways. 

Firstly, during the project implementation process, or on request, we can set up a direct EDI connection with your IT platform that will send you all data that you require for your operations in the form of integrated messages, keeping you fully up to date on the invoicing process for all clients. These messages include, but are not limited to: Order acknowledgement, inventory status, transport status, Proof of Delivery (POD), payment status updates.  

Another way of accessing this valuable information is via the Movianto online platform. Here our clients have access to the latest status of all their orders and inventories. Additionally, we can provide you with a range of standardised and/or customised reports. Easily accessible and only a few clicks away, the Movianto business critical reports can be downloaded in a static form like PDF or a more dynamic way like Excel. 

Order to Cash

Our Guarantee

We know that allowing us to handle your invoicing is a sign of great trust. We guarantee that all our clients remain in full control of their invoicing and payment processes, and that we manage the order to cash process in full accordance with your instructions. We are here to manage your pharma supply chain and allow you to focus on your own business development. 

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