Customer Service

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Customer Service for your pharmaceutical logistics

As a pharmaceutical distribution provider, Movianto is not only in constant contact with our manufacturer clients, but also with your end clients. Whether these are hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, doctor’s offices, or laboratories, Movianto‘s client service provides solutions for everyone involved in the medical supply chain, from manufacturer to end recipient. 

Our Direct Connection

We at Movianto are interested in connecting with you. As more and more of the client journey has transitioned to the digital space, Movianto’s customer service teams have expanded their use of the latest digital tools to respond to your needs as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, or to respond to the needs of your end clients. Nevertheless, having the possibility to contact a human to ask a question, make a request, or report an issue sometimes can make all the difference.  

We strive for our client interactions to be effective, productive, time-saving, and pleasant for you and for your end clients, because we see this direct interaction as a critical factor in ensuring your satisfaction and encouraging you to keep working with us. 

Our Resources

First and foremost, our most important resources when it comes to client service are our people. Whether they are part of our locally based, incountry teams taking care of domestic distribution, or our international client service departments connecting you to the world, each of our team members is trained in standard healthcare industry operations and in the constraints of the distribution channel used (hospitals, pharmacy clients, etc.). 

Tracking your healthcare products

Thanks to our integrated track and trace tools, from inbound to final delivery our client service teams have access to a full visibility of the location of your product. This allows them to detect or prevent deviations, and to keep you in the loop regarding all changes to the situation of your order. You also as a client can have access to all your data and flows upon request to Movianto.

Logging claims

Whether you contact us by phone, email, contact through our website, or other methods, each contact on your part gives rise to the creation of a ticket with a unique ID number; this allows our client service teams to follow up each call accurately and manage the process for the entire duration of the claim.

Our Commitment

Movianto is committed to total transparency with regard to our operations, which means that each incident is studied in detail and our Customer Service Department ensures that preventive or curative measures are taken as soon as necessary to guarantee maximum quality of service.

Continuous Improvement

All claims are recorded, categorized, and logged to create in detailed reports sorted by motive and type of question. This is used in regular business review and is the source of continuous regular improvement process. Movianto also can produce reports about your client service interactions upon request.