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Movianto’s experience and adapted solutions already serve some of the largest diagnostics manufacturers on the market. We have expertise in transporting and distributing both in vitro diagnostics and diagnostic instruments.


Global diagnostics distribution solutions

Whether you are looking for a global distribution solution or are focused on one specific market, Movianto can help you design your supply chain from end to end. We have several EMEA distribution hubs, notably in the Benelux region, who can seamlessly handle the distribution of your diagnostics products thanks to our unique European network supported by many local Movianto sites. 


Customs Solutions
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Movianto also relies on in-house customs management experts to ensure that your supply chain conforms to global trade compliance regulations. We are experts in the importation of diagnostic medical devices and are ready to help you optimise your international distribution. 


The utmost care for sensitive diagnostics products

At Movianto, we understand the value and the sensitivity of your products. This is why we have developed logistics solutions specifically designed to address all the particularities of transporting, storing, and taking care of them.   

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Temperature sensitive products

Diagnostics kits and devices often have multiple separate components that are sensitive to certain temperatures. Movianto’s temperature-controlled storages are designed to store your products safely at different temperature ranges (-80°C, -20°C, 2-8°C, and 15-25°C), maintaining the cold chain at all costs.

Multi-temperature picking

When picking and packing your order, our teams are capable of putting together multiple components from separate temperature ranges, all the while ensuring that the most sensitive components are protected. Additionally, our thermal packaging solutions for diagnostics ensure your products are safe from picking to delivery, with passive shipping boxes available to keep sensitive products at the right temperature.

Transparent Transport Solutions

We ensure timely and secured transport, in Europe or internationally, of your diagnostics products. Whether you need overnight transport, temperature-controlled transport, groupage or any other service, we have a fully qualified network of trusted partners available to you, with a full track and trace system to verify the location and temperature of your highly valuable products.

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Repair and return of your products

In times of need, we offer tailored spare part logistics services, and even provide a space within our facilities for your field service engineer to make the necessary repairs. We manage spare part deliveries 24/7 and can offer a white glove service tailored to your exact requirements. Similarly, we have developed specific reverse logistics processes designed to facilitate flows from your patients to your analysis centres.