employee repacking pharmaceuticals

Repacking & Labelling

We offer you repacking, labelling, packaging, leaflet printing, kitting, serialisation, and other rework services in addition to our standard healthcare logistics package. 


Our GMP secondary packaging capabilities

Movianto is authorised to perform certain rework operations limited to the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products upon your request at our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities. 

Our GMP facilities include dedicated manufacturing areas, allowing us to handle products with the utmost care and to guarantee perfect control of each stage of manufacturing, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and local regulation. Movianto facilities, according to their pharmaceutical authorisation, can have human and / or veterinary GMP licenses and can also perform operations on other types of products like supplements or cosmetics. 


Staffs in the laboratory performing secondary packaging

Pharma Rework Services

We ensure many kinds of rework and manufacturing services, including:

  • Product labelling
  • Product sealing
  • Kitting
  • Serialisation
  • Leaflet printing and insertion
  • Repackaging
  • Marketing materials design and branding


All of these services are carried out to your specifications, exactly how you want them. We also help make sure your packaging is in compliance with local regulation in the case of parallel import. 

Our Manufacturing Experts

At each GMP-certified facility, a specially trained team carries out each rework assignment, adhering strictly to the processes laid out by our Qualified Person, with pharmacists that oversees all manufacturing operations. Completed assignments are recorded in a batch record file that is then validated by the QP pharmacist and sent to the laboratory for goods release.


As part of our ongoing growth, innovation, and development, and in order to meet your needs as your business evolves, we at Movianto invest in the most advanced security and identification technologies. Movianto can perform secondary packaging on small batches of high added-value products and provide support with serialisation by printing a 2D code with an integrated serial number at select facilities. Learn more about serialisation below:


Benefits for you and the environment

No need for you to spend time, money, and emit carbon in order to send your products to yet another facility for rework and manufacturing services. Entrust your products to us, and we can transport, store, and rework them according to your needs. A true one stop shop!