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The pharmaceutical industry requires very rigorous standards for safety, traceability, and particularly temperature control, which often necessitates tailor-made pharma storage and transport solutions.


Experts in the Pharma Supply Chain

As a healthcare logistics solution provider Movianto offers strategic pharmaceutical supply chain management to overcome these hurdles with best-in-class logistics solutions, adhering to highest quality standards and going above and beyond basic GDP and GMP regulation. Our logistics solutions are designed to maintain the promise that you as a manufacturer have made to your end customer or patient. 

Movianto continues to position itself as an essential partner for the pharmaceutical industry and has the capability to handle the most demanding of specialised product order management, GDP pharmaceutical warehousing, handling, and distribution requirements. 


Cold Chain Logistics Solutions

Our main concern when it comes to pharmaceuticals is maintaining and managing the cold chain. At the many Movianto locations throughout Europe we offer different zones for temperature-regulated storage of your products: +15 to +25 °C (ambient storage), +2 to +8 °C (cold storage). We also offer freezer storage, with different temperature zones down to –80 °C. We ensure that each temperature zone within our warehouses has separate gates, handling and storage areas. 


Specialised Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical logistics providers like Movianto are often the last caretakers of a product before it goes to market. This allows us to conduct final quality and safety checks for you, our client. Upon reception, pharma products are temperature verified, their barcodes or data matrices are verified within our system, and certain Movianto facilities also offer onsite product sampling to ensure quality control.

More Services

Pharmaceutical Rework/Manufacturing

Many facilities within our network offer pharmaceutical rework services and are fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. We can design, create and print labels and relabel your products accordingly, as well as inserting leaflets or changing the packaging of your pharmaceutical product. We also provide kitting services.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Our pharmaceutical warehousing environment is temperature controlled and GDP compliant. As an overview we offer: ambient storage at +15 to +25°C, cool storage at +2 to +8°C, frozen storage at -20°C, deep frozen storage at -40°C, and compliance with national and European regulations.

Pharmaceutical Transport

An essential part of your pharmaceutical supply chain is GDP transport. As a healthcare logistics provider, Movianto handles all stages of your order fulfilment, including maintaining the cold chain during the transport and distribution stage.

Pharmaceutical Value-added Services

In addition to standard pharma logistics services such as receipt, storage and distribution, we also assist our clients during audits. Additionally, we offer you pharmaceutical customs management, crisis management, cash collection, and many more services.


Healthcare Supply Chain Services

Our services range from warehousing, transport, and order fulfilment to more specialised services like serialisation, customs management, and order to cash. 

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