Order Management

Every process in pharmaceutical supply chain is key, and order management is perhaps the largest category of these processes, and essential for success. The highest level of accuracy is required to first collect the right information about your products, then launch an effective procedure to make sure your end customer will receive the right product at the right time, just as expected.


Our Order Management Processes

We use our own developed ERP system tailored to the needs of the healthcare and pharma industries. Upon order entry, the system checks the specific requirements of your products, whether it be specific packaging instructions or delivery instructions, and guides our employees in fulfilling these requests. It also alerts our employees immediately in case of deviation and implements quota management to ensure minimum and maximum order guidelines are met in the case of shortages of products. 

This ERP system is the backbone of Movianto’s processes and the reason for our wider capabilities for reporting, performance evaluation, continuous improvement, pharmaceutical traceability, and full transparency to our clients. 


Order Entry and Reception

Because each healthcare product has different storage requirements, and each end consignee has different delivery needs (hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, laboratories, health centres, etc.) we have developed multiple ways to receive and manage your orders. Depending on the multiple channels possible, we can receive and manage telephone orders, email orders, EDI exchanges, web or e-market place, interface from external sales applications, all from any ERP (SAP or others). Your sales representatives also can have special access to our system, see product availability and order units for their own work.  

Pick and Pack

Our employees are specially trained per healthcare sector and per distribution channel to verify each order, analysing each line carefully for consistency. On the picking line, our employees are held to the highest standards of quality as they pack orders, with weight checks, data matrix scanning, and visual control of all products in effect. Picking lines are also maintained at certain temperatures for those healthcare products that may be temperature sensitive.

Transporting your products

At Movianto, we manage transport directly upon order reception to guarantee the order preparation matches the outbound plan. Route determination is determined by our ERP system, taking into consideration destinations, customer specifications, weight, temperature, etc. Manual order is part of our processes for managing, urgent order, international orders, or any specific request for supporting needs.

Returns management

Sometimes, pharmaceutical or medical products need to be returned to the manufacturer. Whether it is for a recall or another reason, Movianto has the capacity to fully manage the reverse logistics process for any healthcare product, including quality control and inventory tracking for each individual product. We can also in some cases manage the disposal of the product, in the respect of the Good Practices of Distribution.

Urgent order management

Urgent orders can be accounted for in our ERP system. Entering an urgent order for a pharmaceutical product will generate a cascade of specific processes in our warehouses and within our transport network to expedite the picking and packing process and connections in the transport chain. Our operators are always available, night or weekend, to process these urgent orders according to your needs.


Client Service

Of course, the core of our order management service comes down to the people you interact with when you have a question, request, or an issue with your order. That’s why we heavily invest in our customer care team, empowering them to best help you achieve your goals, with the latest claim tracking technology and continuous training in GDP standards.   

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