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As a biotech manufacturer, you need to focus on making the best product to improve the health and comfort of your customers and patients. You don’t have time to worry about the biotechnology supply chain, or how you are going to distribute your product. This is when you can rely on us.

Movianto is an experienced biotechnology logistics provider capable of helping start-up and small-to-medium-sized biotech companies enter the European market with new and innovative products. We offer fully customizable biotechnology logistics solutions including standard activities such as inbound, storage, order fulfilment and transport in all required temperatures. 

We can tailor our solutions to your needs, as we do already for many manufacturers of all sizes in the biotechnology industry. Movianto can help to ensure your speed-to-market increases, while also advising you on European last mile biotech solutions. 


Biotech Logistics Services

You need to make sure your product gets to the right hospital, laboratory, or pharmacy. We offer tailored inbound, warehousing, order fulfilment, and transport solutions for your business. Some biotechnology products have specialised requirements related to temperature or handling. We offer unbroken cold chain services tailored to these requirements with temperature-controlled facilities in ambient, cold, frozen, and deep-frozen temperatures. We also offer packaging adapted to your biotech product’s specifications. All our processes are GDP compliant. 

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Onboarding Process

We are ready to onboard your biotech company! We welcome new clients using our project implementation method (based on PRINCE2) and start by assigning you a team of project implementation managers to guide you through everything from standard biotechnology logistics services to regulatory affairs, from financial services to European market access.

Biotechnology Financial Solutions

Movianto can offer order-to-cash solutions including direct contact with your customers, bonafides, VAT and credit checks. Basically, we can take care of invoicing and cash collection for you, allowing you to focus on your product! Our experienced and multi-language Customer Care teams are focused on your clients and providing them accurate and immediate information regarding your products and their orders.

Biotechnology Customs Solutions

Movianto’s teams have a great deal of experience in providing customs clearance during inbound/outbound from/to the European market. Whether it is navigating INCOTERMS, using bonded warehouses, or finding a point of access to distribute to all of Europe, our local experts are ready to help you out in the complex world of customs. deep frozen storage at -40°C, and compliance with national and European regulations.

European Market Access for International Biotech Products

As an international biotech company, you face many challenges when it comes to accessing the European market. There are 44 countries in Europe (including the United Kingdom), all with their own biotechnology regulations and restrictions, not to mention their own norms and specificities in their healthcare systems. Movianto has both local and international expertise in the European healthcare sector and can advise you on exactly how to approach each market. In certain regions, we offer market access solutions such as (re)testing for the European market, full EU QP release, (EU) QPPV solutions and even solutions where Movianto acts as a distributor for your products.