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Consumer Medicine

The world of consumer health is expanding rapidly as the public gains more access to information related to health products, from nutritional supplements, vitamins, to medical devices, infant supplies, cosmetics and more. Armed with more knowledge, consumers are choosing which health brands to buy based on reputation and availability.

consumer health supply chain

At Movianto, we believe that the logistics chain is key in ensuring that your OTC product is easily accessible to the consumer at a competitive price, at the right place, at the right time. In working with us, you gain access to our experience and expertise in the consumer health market, taking advantage of the best healthcare logistics solutions tailored to your needs.  


Multiple Consumer Medicine Distribution Models

Depending on your commercial approach, you can take advantage of several distribution models. We can distribute to pharmacies via pharmaceutical wholesalers, direct to pharmacies, to pharmacies via a distribution platform, direct to consumer via a marketplace, or direct to consumer via a dedicated website.  

Together with our customers, we have developed specific solutions for each model. Because the preparation of your order is different when delivering to large commercial areas, shopping malls, distributors, pharmacies or consumers, we offer different storage and order preparation methods adapted to your needs.  

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Our Digital Tools 

Depending on the model chosen, or the combination of several models, the modes of transmission of orders will be different, via EDI, via interface with software, or via phone orders. We are able to interface with internal or external sales forces, websites etc. We provide the latest tracking and tracing tools for all logistics stages from order receipt to delivery.  

Thanks to these tools, we can handle multiple different types of over-the-counter products, whether they come in large volumes by the pallet, or small volumes by the box. We offer temperature control, inventory tracking, and last mile transport services to ensure your products are always secure and reach their intended destination. 

Supporting your Sales 

We can also support your sales with the production of tailored marketing material.

Marketing Material coordination

We can print complementary info, recommendations for use, and add these to your product as part of our rework services

Rework & Kitting

We provide relabelling, kitting, and leaflet services for our consumer health clients throughout Europe

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Product launch support

We can also transport and help you set up displays within pharmacies to help your product stand out to the consumer.  deep frozen storage at -40°C, and compliance with national and European regulations.

We offer secondary manufacturing services and adapt locally when it comes to Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) printing


The earlier the right elements are introduced in the production process, the more efficient it is both financially and in terms of the availability of products for sale. However, business is ever-changing, regulations can also change, and as a result there is a need to make some adjustments at the local level when products are finished and heading for the market. In some cases, it is necessary to make changes to a product that has already been manufactured, such as correcting a leaflet, changing the unit packaging, or adding a label with new or additional information. Ensuring product visibility at the point of sale through furniture installations or displays, posters, etc. requires product placement on a stand.

secondary manufacturing-consumer medicine information printing-Movianto
Medicine boxes for consumers

Our experts assemble containing products, displays and promotional stands, as well as repack them so they reach the point of sale in perfect condition. A similar process is offered for kits to patients, these can be packaged either in addition to a single product or as a promotional campaign with a sample or any specific promotional packaging.

At Movianto, we ensure the flexibility to retain the existing production process and guarantee the product’s re-introduction to the market in a shorter time, preventing the need for a complete relaunch of the production process. This allows market access to be guaranteed through fast healthcare product roll-out. On top of that, recycling costs are generally lower, which prevents the unnecessary disposal of products and guarantees a certain level of sales and market presence in the face of ever-growing competition. 

Within our facilities, our pharmaceutical rework teams operate in segregated areas dedicated to secondary manufacturing, with specially trained staff and associated production processes with checks and final re-selling. Movianto’s manufacturing operations are not limited to secondary reconditioning, they allow you to optimize your logistics by placing products in displays (furniture, desks & counters, etc.) This increases healthcare products’ visibility at the point of sale and facilitates their proper use. 

FAQs in Consumer Medicine

1. Why is logistics important for consumer medicine information?



Consumer Medicine information is extremely important to healthcare consumers. Even if the medicine is prescription-free, there are still risks, such as intolerance of a particular component by the patient, special indications, or side effects. Although most consumer medicine information can be found on the Internet by patients and customers, manufacturers, rightly so, still prefer to place the original information on or in the medicine boxes.

At Movianto, we ensure repackaging operations that guarantee the perfect transmission of information. The message we work on is developed and tested by the pharmaceutical laboratory and perfectly recreated by Movianto. We guarantee a product-adapted tailored message, strictly adhering to the written instructions of the laboratory. In addition, mandatory controls are carried out at all stages of the process, guaranteeing 100% accuracy of the information

2. Why is the consumer health market gaining momentum internationally?

The consumer health market in Europe is evolving for several reasons. At the top of the list, there is a documented shift occurring in patients’ health behavior, mainly due to the trend towards healthier lifestyles as well as the evolution of the global and environmental situation. More and more, today’s patients tend to be more concerned about their health in the long term, striving more to prevent disease than to treat it. This is reflected in a growing interest in exercise, diet, vitamins, a desire to establish stronger social bonds, and in a tendency towards self-medication. All these aspects are increasingly reflected in social media as well. Within the self-medication cycle, the modern buyer becomes an active player, payer and evaluator of the benefits of the health products they consume. 


Another contributing factor to the growing trend of self-medication is the numerous initiatives to switch certain prescription products to over-the-counter medications. Many such over-the-counter medications are also quite often recommended by doctors in order to maintain and benefit daily life. In the end, everyone agrees that prevention is important and that over-the-counter medical products can maintain or improve well-being, often preventing the development of certain diseases. The current market for self-medication, or Family Medicine, is very broad. Moreover, the range of products is constantly evolving, making room for natural and organic products.  



However, the proper use of a medication or healthcare product, even if it does not have prescription medication status, remains essential to ensure that the patient receives the full benefit of what he or she self-administers.  


In this regard, there are several forms of consumer medicine information communication related to some over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Among the common ways to communicate information to patients when it comes to self-medication is via the pharmacists that patients interact with in pharmacies and para-pharmacies (where they exist), where they give advice to the patient or the person responsible for obtaining medication for a family member. Another common method of patient communication within medical OTC products is via the Consumer Medication Information (CMI) leaflets on or in the medication box.  


In addition, with the rise of digitisation in recent decades, individuals have been increasingly turning to Google and other search engines in search of consumer medical information (CMI), doctors’ or experts’ advice on forums related to certain medicinal products without a prescription. Nevertheless, Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) documentation and leaflets remain key elements in communicating with the patient. Their correct use, effective advice, and good instructions for use contribute to the positioning of each product in its market. 


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