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Consumer Medicine

The world of consumer health is expanding rapidly as the public gains more access to information related to health products, from nutritional supplements, vitamins, to medical devices, infant supplies, cosmetics and more. Armed with more knowledge, consumers are choosing which health brands to buy based on reputation and availability.

consumer health supply chain

At Movianto, we believe that the logistics chain is key in ensuring that your OTC product is easily accessible to the consumer at a competitive price, at the right place, at the right time. In working with us, you gain access to our experience and expertise in the consumer health market, taking advantage of the best healthcare logistics solutions tailored to your needs.  


Multiple Consumer Medicine Distribution Models

Depending on your commercial approach, you can take advantage of several distribution models. We can distribute to pharmacies via pharmaceutical wholesalers, direct to pharmacies, to pharmacies via a distribution platform, direct to consumer via a marketplace, or direct to consumer via a dedicated website.  

Together with our customers, we have developed specific solutions for each model. Because the preparation of your order is different when delivering to large commercial areas, shopping malls, distributors, pharmacies or consumers, we offer different storage and order preparation methods adapted to your needs.  

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Our Digital Tools 

Depending on the model chosen, or the combination of several models, the modes of transmission of orders will be different, via EDI, via interface with software, or via phone orders. We are able to interface with internal or external sales forces, websites etc. We provide the latest tracking and tracing tools for all logistics stages from order receipt to delivery.  

Thanks to these tools, we can handle multiple different types of over-the-counter products, whether they come in large volumes by the pallet, or small volumes by the box. We offer temperature control, inventory tracking, and last mile transport services to ensure your products are always secure and reach their intended destination. 

Supporting your Sales 

We can also support your sales with the production of tailored marketing material.

Marketing Material coordination

We can print complementary info, recommendations for use, and add these to your product as part of our rework services

Rework & Kitting

We provide relabelling, kitting, and leaflet services for our consumer health clients throughout Europe

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Product launch support

We can also transport and help you set up displays within pharmacies to help your product stand out to the consumer.  deep frozen storage at -40°C, and compliance with national and European regulations.


Healthcare Supply Chain Services

Our services range from warehousing, transport, and order fulfilment to more specialised services like serialisation, customs management, and order to cash. 

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