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Order Fulfilment Services

At Movianto, we take care of your products. This means listening to your requirements and adapting our order fulfilment processes to each client, and to each of your clients.

What is order fulfilment in pharmaceutical supply chain?

Pharmaceutical Fulfilment includes all processing of an order from reception to preparation and sending for delivery. This involves order management, pick and pack services, managing urgent orders, and even customer service, managing returns and order to cash (OTC or O2C) solutions.


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Optimize your entire supply chain

We consider your requirements and tailor our order fulfilment processes

If the pharmacy needs us to pick half of a regular order, we can do it. If your products need to be returned to you in large numbers, we can do it. We can even manage your invoicing and cash collection processes for you. Instead of simple warehousing, with Movianto’s trusted healthcare fulfilment processes you can elevate your business and let us take care of the details.

Order management

In healthcare logistics, order management refers to the processes related to receiving, tracking, and fulfilling orders from clients. Whether the type of healthcare products, Movianto takes care of the entire distribution process.

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Pick & Pack

Our employees are specially trained per healthcare sector and per distribution channel to verify each order, analysing each line carefully for consistency. On the picking line, our employees are held to the highest standards of quality as they pack orders, with weight checks, data matrix scanning, and visual control of all products in effect. Picking lines are also maintained at certain temperatures for those healthcare products that may be temperature sensitive.

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Returns management

Sometimes healthcare products need to be returned to the manufacturer. Movianto can handle all the stages of reverse logistics for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products, ensuring seamless inventory tracking and quality control along the way.

Order Management

Urgent order management

Movianto is fully capable of managing your urgent orders. In the healthcare and medical sector, urgency is simply a part of the job, and it is the same in medical logistics. We have robust processes in place for ensuring the order gets to its destination as quickly as possible.

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Customer service

Part of a healthy client relationship rests on effective client service. Our customer service teams are international, multilingual, and highly responsive to ensure our clients feel safe entrusting us with their valuable pharmaceutical products.

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Order to cash

At Movianto we can create invoices on behalf of our clients and send them to their end customers. Our order-to-cash service may include active cash collection, follow-up on late payments through an active reminder process, and daily reporting on the payment process

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Want to go further?

We offer so much more than pharmaceutical warehousing and healthcare fulfilment services. We also offer premium value-added services to turn your pharma supply challenges into solutions. Learn more about how we can help you with healthcare customs solutions, pharmaceutical serialisation, and much more.

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