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Clinical Trials

Considering the vital role of clinical trials in the medical and healthcare innovation implementation, we, as the healthcare supply chain provider, assume the responsibility to ensure quality and on-time delivery of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs).

Driving healthcare forward through clinical trial logistics

We offer storage areas dedicated to IMP separated from commercial stock, available for ambient, cool and frozen samples. The distribution we provide is performed either by active temperature-controlled vehicles or passive shipping boxes with temperature loggers within Europe and worldwide. 

Being an experienced logistics partner, at Movianto we support pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and researchers in: 

  • Sourcing 
  • Design, labels translation and packaging material in collaboration with our clients 
  • EU QP release 
  • Pharmaceutical storage  
  • Distribution and returns management of IMPs 
  • Acting as a Site of Physical Importation
  • Secondary labelling and packaging of IMPs (including expiry update labelling)
  • Blinding, randomisation and kitting of IMPs.

At Movianto we design and translate labels and packaging material in collaboration with our clients. We are cooperating with qualified and trusted printing agencies which can provide GMP labels (single labels and booklets) and other packaging materials (folding boxes, and more).   

We are equipped with a Good Manufacturing Production (GMP) area, both ambient and cool. 

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Ensuring transparency and reliability

Clinical stock traceability is managed in our Warehouse Management System (WMS). This in-house software solution enables accurate monitoring of current clinical product inventory levels and their quality status, serves as a key information hub, provides an overview of shipments, and much more. 

Additionally, we handle orders via Interactive Response Technology and foresee a Customized Delivery Note to accompany clinical trial shipments.


Traceability solutions we can arrange

Upon request and agreement, we can provide our clients access to Movianto’s reporting system in order to monitor daily inventory levels, shipments, delivery confirmation, etc.

In numbers:

So far, we have provided clinical trial supply services for about 500 studies. The annual number of clinical outbound lines is about 3,000 (Benelux, Europe and beyond). We also maintain about 100 GMP (manufacturing) dossiers for clinical trials each year.


By prior arrangement, you will receive, daily, weekly or monthly reports. Our Customer Service team generates reports via WMS, which will be automatically sent to you. For instance, the Inventory Level Report will allow you to examine the inventory level and quality status (quarantine, released, etc.) of the produced samples.

Planning of clinical returns and documented bulk destruction of IMP

Finally, a frequently overlooked aspect is the planning of clinical returns and documented bulk destruction of IMP. We offer collection of IMPs returns at study sites, accountability of returns as required, traceability in our WMS and destruction in collaboration with an approved supplier and retention of documentation.

Pharmaceutical customs services

The international logistics of clinical trials is increasingly gaining momentum. Backed by decades of experience, both local and global, we at Movianto ensure one-stop-shop support, including the coordination of import and export activities for logistics of particularly sensitive supplies, such as clinical trials.

Learn more about our customs solutions

Our dedicated staff is on to give you piece of mind

To handle particularly sensitive supplies, such as IMPs, we have a specialized and dedicated staff that focuses on providing clinical supplies and GMP services. Our qualified teammates are on site to perform GMP releases after each GMP activity.


• Manufacturing and Import (MIA) IMP license; • GMDP IMP license; • Manufacturer's GMP compliance certificate for secondary packaging with reference to the above IMP licence (issued by local authorities).

Clinical Trials supply chain and logistics activities may be challenging due to a variety of factors within the nature of this sector and the requirements they entail. Among these constraints are the immaculate compliance with various regulatory standards, which may change; the unpredictability of patient enrollment, which requires providers of pharma logistics services like Movianto to be flexible and quickly adjust their supply chains. The worldwide scope of clinical trials, requiring compliance and navigation through various import/export regulations and modes of shipping or sometimes a need to custom supplies to unique trial protocols. Also, there are many other critical factors requiring close attention, including potential drug shortages and the consequent need for forecasting and inventory management. All these pressures emphasise the need for a robust and flexible clinical trials supply chain, such as we have built at Movianto over decades of experience in the area. When dealing with various demands our Clincial Trials Supply Department teammates are involved in all aspects of clinical trials logistics services: storage, secondary labelling, labels design and translation, distribution, process development, and beyond. Our specialists are committed to finding solutions together with our customers thereby building closer relationship with them. We seek to continuously upgrade our knowledge and stay on top of legislation and the latest developments in the pharmaceutical world. Our vigilant approach to risk management and documentation is a commitment to patient safety, regulatory compliance and successful clinical trials operations.

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