Market Access Solutions

Is your company ready to reach new healthcare markets and new patients? Ready to sell your pharma products in Europe or in specific European countries? Movianto can support the development of your market access strategy: to facilitate, simplify, and ensure the distribution of your healthcare products throughout the continent.

A team with expertise to assist across Europe

Helping You Sell In Europe

There are many barriers to accessing the European healthcare market. All 44 countries in Europe (including the United Kingdom) have their own unique restrictions and regulations on their healthcare systems, as well as some norms and specificities that are less concrete. Movianto, as the leading international pharmaceutical supply chain provider in Europe, has the presence, the expertise, and the knowledge to help you approach each individual market with the best strategy.  

We adapt ourselves to your development strategy, and strictly adhere to your policy. If you are looking to study a new approach to your market, be it direct to pharmacy, direct to patient, or a more centralised/decentralised approach, our teams have the knowledge and experience to advise you. Even if you are not in need of healthcare supply chain consulting, we can still support your development by taking care of the logistics, transport, and quality control side of things. 


A Local Approach

In certain regions, we offer market access solutions such as (re)testing for the European market, full EU QP release, batch release, (EU) QPPV solutions and representative solutions, where Movianto acts as a distributor for your products.  

We have personnel within our organisation who are specifically trained in how to correctly promote a pharmaceutical product within the market of specific countries, and we verify that all your promotional materials are in alignment with local regulations and pharmaceutical specifications. We respect all rules regarding pharmacovigilance and quality control, ensuring that your products conform to local regulations and that there is no risk of penalties or prosecution. 

In France, Movianto can take on the status of Marketing Authorisation Operator (MAO) on behalf of clients who do not have a physical national presence. We also have specialised solutions in other countries.

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A Global Approach

We work closely with our partners to study and implement a multi-country approach, respecting, country by country, the particularities of local regulation for all types of healthcare products including pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Pharmaceutical controls & release

Multi-currency invoicing

Transparent reporting

Import, export, and customs

International multilingual customer service

Compliance with local pharmaceutical rules