Pharma & Healthcare Inventory Management

Inventory management is an essential part of the healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain. It is vital to ensure that all healthcare products are stored, tracked, and managed properly in order to prevent shortages, waste, and safety issues. Entrusting your stock to Movianto can help you improve efficiency, save costs, and overall improve patient safety.


Managing your Unique Inventory

At Movianto, we can accommodate all types of medical products, with any type of restriction. We regularly receive and store products under quarantine, as well as products under customs control (bonded warehouse services), and sometimes both simultaneously. We also have the capacity to store sensitive products such as controlled substances under heavy security, and to store products that are potentially environmentally toxic. These stocks are managed separately from the rest of the warehouse.  

Once we have your products in stock, we perform a range of inventory management services for you onsite. Of greatest importance is cold chain maintenance; temperature control is part of our basic service guarantee at ambient, frozen, and cold temperatures in separate, controlled areas of the warehouse.

We can also track the shelf life of your pharma product, sample products in our care for quality control, provide identification and serial number verification services, and in very specific cases, pharmacochemical analyses or controls of leaflets and packaging.


Our Digital Inventory Management System

We use the latest digital tools to track and manage your inventory. All our storage facilities are monitored digitally, and scanning of your products is carried out at each stage of the flow within the warehouse. Our IT structures communicate in real time with your information systems, which significantly simplifies the management of product replenishment.  

This real time communication allows us to track your products in all aggregations, from pallets to individual boxes. Every time a product is picked, the system generates unit modifications to keep you up to date. We can manage pre-allocation of certain stocks, batch management and tracing, all through our highly complex track and trace system in our WMS. 

Inventory Management and Strategic Stock

Your products are essential to the health and safety of your patients. Our robust inventory control system ensures that when your products are needed, they are ready to go. We manage both rolling and annual inventories and anticipate shortage or overstock issues far in advance in order to be reactive to global and local events. APIs stored near manufacturing plants or finished goods stored near certain cities are now indispensable for responding to crises. Movianto anticipates changes in the market and is prepared to meet new demands. 

Pharmaceutical Product Security

We are conscious of the value of your healthcare products and their quality. We have invested heavily in the security of our facilities, whether it is intrusion, fire, or pests, every day controls are in place to ensure the protection of your products All our facilities and in particular cold chambers with their ranges of temperatures are monitored, regulated, temperature mapped for being capable of guaranteeing regular temperature in the right range at any location. Sensors are verified regularly, and several procedures are in place for keeping safe your products, preventive regular maintenance or for alerting in case of alert. 


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